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The real experience of travelling on two wheels!

Spain: History and Culture

espanhaSpain, on the other hand, has a rich cultural and historical tradition, whilst at the same time striking a note of true contemporary flair, as can be seen in some areas. From snow-covered mountains, to dazzling beaches, all within 50km of one another...incredible!

From the moorish influence in the south, with examples such as Granada, Cordoba and the south in general to the Celtic influence in Galicia in the northwest, are examples of the great cultural, gastronomical and human diversity. The Flamenco with its gypsy origins reflects Spain and it´s regions´cultural meltingpot.

A whole world to explore! Due to their breadth, it would be impossible to mention other places and special routes,wich can lead us to discover this incredible country. However, how could we not mention the ancient kingdom of Leon, crossed through by the Santiago de Compostela´s Pilgrimage route. This importante stage in the tour will take us on a voyage of discovery into the history of Leon, visiting its treasures.

On two wheels we discover...
WARM Spain ! A country of contrasts and deeply felt influences.

With Portugal just next door, SPAIN surges in all its vibrancy, contrasts, between mountain and the sea, bequeathing us its history and its joy of living, while inviting us to discover places and routes that we shall never forget.

The Iberian Peninsula – IBERIA -  is all around us, in one form or another, with ever-changing colours and sounds, making it totally unforgettable. This is what we will be living.

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