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<span lang=\"EN-US\">The real experience of travelling on two wheels!</span>
The real experience of travelling on two wheels!

Terms and conditions

1. Object
1.1 The present terms and conditions define the serviced provided by mototoursPortugal;
1.2. The services provided to the Client are subject to the terms and conditions herein;
1.3. When contracting mototoursPortugal, the Client acknowledges and accepts the enclosed terms and conditions.

2. Registration / Reservations
2.1. The booking form must contain all information necessary for the booking to be processed;
2.2. Upon registration a 40% deposit is due, based on the total package price, with the remaining 60%, to be paid up to 15 Days before departure date. Bookings are taken up to 30 days, before departure date.
2.3. Should registration and booking take place less than 15 days before departure date, the tour package must be paid in full, upon registration / booking.
2.4. The deposits referred under 2.2., are not refunded, should client decide to cancel his part in the tour or if the cancellation is not mototoursPortugal’s responsibility and if the Client does not inform mototoursPortugal in writing of his cancellation, 15 days prior to departure date. Should cancellation notice be received at least 15 days prior to departure date, all deposits will be refunded, except for 25% of the total amount paid to date.
2.5. mototoursPortugal may cancel any registration, if the payment has not been made according to the above-mentioned conditions.

3. Cancellations
3.1 Client may cancel participation in the tour, up to 15 days before departure date, as long as written notice is given to mototoursPortugal who will refund all deposits made until then, except for the 25% non-refundable deposit. 

4. Complaints
4.1. Only written complaints will be considered and if sent up to 20 days after services have been rendered;
4.2. Complaints about hotels, guides, local agents and other suppliers can only be accepted if they were also communicated to these suppliers during the tour and with the respective documentary proof;
4.3. mototoursPortugal is not responsible for complaints that are handed in late or without the necessary accompanying documentation.

5. Changes in terms and conditions and cancellations of tours
5.1. Whenever necessary, mototoursPortugal may alter the Programme’s conditions, and replace them by others, as long as these are equivalent;
5.2. Should unforeseen circumstances oblige mototoursPortugal, to suspend a trip, the client shall be entirely refunded as regards any deposits already made;
5.3. mototoursPortugal may cancel a trip due to insufficient participants, should the number be less than the required number. In these cases, the client will be informed in writing with, at least 15 days´ notice and mototoursPortugal, exempted from any responsibility for the cancellation. Any deposit made in the meantime by the client, will be refunded in whole. 

6. Documents
6.1 The client must possess all the required and valid, documents: identity card, passport, driving licence, visa, or others. mototoursPortugal, declines all responsibility in case of refusal of visas or entry in Portugal or Spain (European Union). 

In these cases, the client must communicate his non-participation to mototoursPortugal,in writing, up to 15 days before departure date. mototoursPortugal will refund all deposits made until then, except for the 25% non-refundable deposit. Should the Client not do so, no refund is applicable.

7. Statutes of responsibility
mototoursportugal is in no way responsible for the safety of its clients taking part in the tours, either individually or in groups, during the time services are contracted. The company cannot be held responsible, in any form, for any incident involving its clients, during the tours and which may result in damages, injury or death to clients and /or third parties.

8. Methods of Payment
8.1. Clients may pay mototoursPortugal’s services by wire transfer to the bank account number as indicated; or online, with credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

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