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<span lang=\"EN-US\">The real experience of travelling on two wheels!</span>
The real experience of travelling on two wheels!

Frequently Asked questions

1 – Why choose mototoursPortugal?
- For the itineraries and unique scenery;
- For the friendly, knowledgeable daily support, which is tailored to each group
- For the excellent hotels and restaurants
- For the combination of in-depth knowledge of each region, together with its food and wines.
- For the fabulous value for money of the services rendered.

2 – What is the size of the groups
Quite small – minimum 6 motorbikes and maximum 10. However, depending on the specific request that a client may come up with, this number could increase.

3 – How many guides go with each tour?
Our bike tours are accompanied by one guide on a motorbike and another, driving the support van throughout the tour.

4 – Do clients have to go with the guide?
The offer is designed guided tour, so participants do go with the guide. However, if a client wants to do things differently, he may, as long as he informs the guide and turns up on time at the hotel where the group is staying.

5 – May I bring along someone who is not a biker on the trip?
Yes. Our support car has room for several travellers. If you want your companion to have a confirmed place in the support vehicle you must pay the same supplement as the biker and motorbike. Should you wish to just take someone with you on board the bike tour, that person does not have guaranteed place in the support van.

6 – What language is spoken during the tours?
The official language is English. However, depending on the group’s composition, there may be another language after English. mototoursPortugal guides are Portuguese native speakers, but they also speak English, French, Spanish and Italian.

7 – What Experience do I need to accompany a bike tour?
Our bike tours are appropriate for any level of bike riding. All the roads are paved.

8 – How many kilometres do you cover per day, on average?
Depending on the tour, on average we cover about 350 km a day. Usually, we leave the hotel at around 9:00 am, and return around 5:00 pm.

9 – What type of hotel and meals are provided?
 aims for a high level of service, and that includes hotels and restaurants. We look for four and five-star hotels with charm and atmosphere, Pousadas, Paradores and restaurants, which really stand out in terms of regional cuisine, in Portugal and Spain.

10 – Do travelers have to carry their luggage on the motorbike?
No. Our tours are always accompanied by a support car, carrying all the luggage. In any case, all the bikes have panniers, which easily hold small objects, some clothes and equipment, appropriate to the weather conditions. Unless something untoward occurs, luggage will be found in everyone’s’ bedrooms, on arrival at the hotels.

11 – Is there a minimum age for travellers?
Yes, drivers must be at least 26 years old, and have held an A Category motorbike driving licence (no limit in terms of engine capacity), for over three years. Companions must be at least 14 years old.

12 – Necessary documents:
- Passport and visas, when applicable;
- Identity card; 
- Valid driving licence.

13 – What is included in each tour package?
- Transfer from Lisbon airport to the hotel in Cascais, as well as from the hotel to the airport, at the end of the tour
- Motorbike rental, with unlimited mileage;
- Full insurance cover, according to the model and type of motorbike chosen;
- Tour programme, after full payment has been received;
- Accommodation and breakfast in relevant hotels;
- All dinners with drinks included: wine, water, soft drinks, beer and coffee;
- Tour Guide on motorbike;
- Support vehicle to carry luggage, as well as for travelling companion, if necessary.

14 – What expenses are not included in the package tour price?
Any service not mentioned above, such as:
- Expenses and personal spending
- Petrol
- Tolls
- Lunches
- Drinks (except as mentioned for dinner)

15 – How can I book a place in a mototoursPortugal tour?
Bookings are made up to 30 days before departure date, and are confirmed as soon as a 40% deposit is received. Up to 15 days before departure date, the remaining 60% must be paid. Payments can be made by wire transfer or on our online store.

16 – Are bikes insured against damages and breakdowns?
Yes. Bikes are fully insured, as this is, in any case, mandatory in the countries in which we travel.

Collision Waiver CDW – Included in the rental price. In case of accident or damages, Client is responsible up to the minimum franchise value. 
Protection against theft - Included in the rental price. In case of partial or total theft, Client is responsible up to the minimum franchise value. 
Franchises - In case of accident or damages, Client is financially responsible up to the minimum franchise value. Should these be the result of breach of contract, partial or total theft of the vehicle, client responsibility may be claimed up to the maximum franchise value.

Franchise amounts
BMW F 650 GS       1,425 €
BMW R 1200 GS     2,545 €
BMW R 1200 GS A  2,545 €
BMW R 1200 RT     2,645 €

The driver is responsible for potential damages on the bike. Therefore, before the trip start, a deposit is requested. It will be equivalent to the minimum franchise value. This amount will be refunded at the end of the trip. It will only be used in case of any damages of the driver´s responsability.

Personal Accidents Insurance (optional) Daily cost of 3.69 €, offering the following coverage per driver and passengers: Permanent injury or Death up to 37,500€ and medical expenses up to 3,750€.

17 – What type of clothes should I take with me?
The climate of the areas through which we drive is in no way extreme, so we recommend clothing which is appropriate for a temperate region. We suggest you use the same type of clothing as you would for a long trip, in your own country. Contact us for more detailed weather forecasts, close to departure date. Raingear is always recommended.

18 – Is there any type of regulation?
No. We only ask that you respect the rules and laws of the country we are driving through, both driving and in relation to others. No alcoholic drinks or drugs are allowed, until the bike stops for the night. Should a participant decide to ride his bike after partaking of any alcoholic drink or drug, he is subject to unlimited financial penalties, in case of damages to the bike and/or other people or goods.

19 – Whom should I contact for more information?
Send us an email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   and we will get back to you very shortly.

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